Bengal Queen

Hi! My name's Alicia AKA “Bengal Queen” and I've been involved in the beauty/fragrance scene for more than sixteen years.

As a young adult, I got the chance to work at the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter at Macy's. Life ended up taking many directions, but the love of makeup never faded. After years of working for other companies, I took a chance and co-created 'Art Lab' with my partner Amado (SpiceBoi) in 2014, which allowed me to eventually discover my passion for body painting and making content! I've added many hats to my list since then, from social media management, working with luxury corporate brands, fancy glass bottle engraving in department stores, to sweating it out at outdoor events hustling and selling my artwork. I run 'Art Lab Candy' full time, which was created solely to sell our own artwork in the forms of prints, stickers, and whatever else we conjure up! 

I've also been published in body paint magazines, have a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million views, and experienced extreme virality (not my favorite word but eh, you get it) with some of my artwork that has forever changed my life. I promise I'm not bragging, just happy for the girl in high school that was told by multiple people including teachers not to expect to find a job doing any sort of art :)

When I'm not watching horror movies or bugging one of my cats, you can usually find me painting in my home studio!