Art Lab


Hi! We are Amado and Alicia, a real-life couple and co-owners of Art Lab! We were both raised and live in the sunny Central Valley in California.

Our company was born in 2014 as a result from wanting to live out our dreams as working artists. Combined, we’ve had over 40 jobs in our lifetimes! Starting our business with no previous knowledge on how to run one has definitely been full of crazy ups and downs to say the least… But we've been fortunate enough over time to work with some of the biggest companies in our respective industries, and only hope to continue growing.

Art Lab Candy is a division of our brand that focuses on selling our original artwork. Some of it is fun, some of it is edgy, but every piece of art you see is a piece of us. We can tell you exactly what we were doing in the moment, and what it took to complete each design/look. Art Lab Candy is a total labor of love and we are honored that you want to be a part of our story. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you'll love owning our art as much as we love creating it!