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Over the years I've used a LOT of products. I definitely have my faves, and want to share them with you!

Face/Body painting, makeup, canvas painting, SFX, and more - here are some sites where you can get what you need at great prices and some discounts on top of it!

Full disclosure, I receive a small commission when you purchase through the links, but I fully stand behind all the products I share, and have been using them for years. Thanks for the support! 💜

Main Sites: - -



Or here are some direct links to a few of my most used products!

 Body Paint 🎨


Brushes (Makeup) 🖌 Use Code: "BENGAL10" for 10% OFF

Brushes (Body Paint) 🖌 Use Code: "BENGAL10" for 10% OFF

Additional Tools ⚒